Lauren and Peter’s relationship grew over Spring Semester, capped by a wonderful evening of dinner and dancing at Dunster House’s Beltane formal. Both Lauren and Peter secured internships in DC – Lauren at the Department of Energy, Peter at the Institute for the Study of War – and ended up living together in Silver Spring, MD. Although both lovebirds found themselves exhausted by the DC heat and the frequent problems with the Metro’s Red Line (which they attributed to shady goings on…in Shady Grove), they happily embraced the rich diversity of Silver Spring and the DC area. Whether going to Addis Ababa restaurant (where Peter discovered the folly of eating Gored Gored – basically, raw beef) or running through a derecho to the Metro (past Peter’s father’s old high school!), Peter and Lauren loved their first opportunity to live together as a couple.

Harvard Summer

Peter’s summer ended in late August. Lauren, however, stayed behind in the apartment until late September as she prepared to head off to Oxford for a year-long study abroad program. Lauren loved certain parts of her time in the UK (especially the delicious coffee chain Cafe Nero, which has blessedly followed her to Boston!), but missed the intimate academic environment of Simon’s Rock, the can-do attitudes of Americans and, most of all, Mr. Alan (Peter was a close second).

She's so fancy!

Lauren at Oxford. She’s so fancy!