Peter was nervous.

Peter knew that it was time to pop the question. Lauren had been dropping hints, he was about to start grad school, he was finishing his job at Belfer. Everything was coming together, and now, it was time to act.

He had spent months preparing for the big day: he endlessly debated ring types; he learned the ins and outs of diamonds during his surreptitious pre-work trips to the Jewelry Building in downtown Boston; he went over different plans for how to pop the question with his (increasingly exasperated) coworkers. It was all planned out to a tee.

Peter was still pretty damn nervous.

On June 20th, Peter worked with Oleana (Lauren and Peter’s favorite restaurant) to get roses, champagne, and desserts ready for the big reveal. Peter suggested that the both of them go to Oleana for a “date night”; Peter thought Lauren was on to him, but went forward anyways. In a tizzy, he took a cab to Oleana, dropped off the flowers, had the ring securely in his possession, and waited anxiously for the big moment. He met Lauren at a bar next to his workplace, where she revealed to him that she had just gotten a manicure.

Oh no, he thought, she must know. The jig is up.

Still, he decided to proceed with the plan. They traveled to Oleana, where after a delicious meal, Peter could feel his heart almost jump out of his body as his hands shaked with the thought of popping the question. Once the dinners were cleared, Peter decided to be a bit clever: he asked Lauren if she would look over some example rings he had been researching on his phone.

According to Lauren, she was mid-eyeroll as she thought “Really?! I thought he would be able to do this one thing by himself!” She was completely taken aback when he took a ring out of his coat pocket and got down on one knee.


Baked Alaska-- our favorite dessert! Look for it at our wedding.

Baked Alaska– our favorite dessert! Look for it at our wedding.

Post proposal couple shot.

Post proposal couple shot.